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Hi. We connect brands and customers into a seamless experience | Quilted Northern, BlogHer 2012
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Quilted Northern, BlogHer 2012

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BlogHer 2012, is the world’s largest conference for women in social media; this year the conference was hosted at NYC’s Hilton Hotel and Solar Jet Pro joined ExhibitLabs and Edelman PR, to support the Quilted Northern company’s promotional booth during the 3-day festivities.

Solar Jet Pro’s responsibilities included setting up and managing the technology of the booth: The thousands of event attendees were offered complementary greenscreen photographic printouts with a selection of background options that were simultaneously pushed to a iPad kiosk where the images could be shared via preferred social networks; we also were hired to set up the mobile device charging station.

We at Solar Jet Pro got our start in trade shows and are excited to step back into the arena as technology pushes the boundaries of what’s possible allowing exciting possibilities.