Our Mission
  • To Succeed. Our success is based on your success.
  • Our Goal
    • To be successful in our industry, we maintain broad based expertise in the latest technologies, mastery of design and IA, understanding of developing technologies, and the ability to define where our clients are on their journey and knowledge of the tools required for their evolution.
      We push our clients ahead of their competition, and impart them with the ability to position their skills competitively.
Hi. We connect brands and customers into a seamless experience | Whipped Pastry Boutique
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Whipped Pastry Boutique

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Michelle Tampakis had spent much of her professional life as an award-winning food educator at NYC’S Institute of Culinary Education when she was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance that changed the course of her career.

In 2011, she decided to branch off into a burgeoning ‘Gluten Free’ food category but was starting from ground zero. She needed everything.


Identity, web, catalog, photography… and a Plan.


We structured our development process into an agile series of 3-6 month phases, based on immediate needs and goals.

In 7 years, Whipped Pastry has grown from a niche player into a regional powerhouse, serving their first-rate confections and pastries to industry titans such as Fairway, Crumbs Bake Shop, and Hilton Hotels.